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Now Available! First edition of Cross-Border: A Retailer’s Guide To Doing Business in Canada

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Growing your retail business, or looking to set up shop in Canada? Check out Cross-Border: A Retailer’s Guide to Doing Business in Canada available now. This comprehensive resource offers an overview of the legal aspects of establishing and operating a retail business in Canada. It draws from the top-tier expertise developed by McCarthy Tétrault’s market-leading Retail and Consumer Markets Group and their unparalleled experience in the Canadian Consumer Products, Food, Beverage & Agribusiness, Franchise & Distribution, Hospitality and Retail sectors.

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Takeaways – McCarthy Tétrault’s 6th Annual Consumer Products and Retail Summit

Posted in Branding, Competition, Distribution, Employment and HR, Events, Franchising, Real Estate, Retailing, Shopping Centres

McCarthy Tetrault’s 6th Annual Consumer Products and Retail Summit was held on February 25, 2016. Here are our key takeaways from the Summit, including practical tips from each of our topics:

Trends and Lessons Learned from Recent Retail Restructurings
Katherine Forbes and Mirella Pisciuneri, Richter Advisory Group

  • E-commerce is here to stay and is key to success, but only as part of a strategy combined with ‘bricks & mortar’ to create a customer experience
  • Vertical integration and comprehensive merchandise planning are critical for reducing costs and improving profit margins
  • Make the most of available consumer profile information, but be mindful
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McCarthy Tétrault’s 6th Annual Consumer Products and Retail Summit

Posted in Branding, Competition, Consumer Protection, Events, Product Liability, Real Estate, Retailing, Trade

McCarthy Tétrault’s multidisciplinary Consumer Products and Retail Group is hosting our sixth annual national McCarthy Tétrault Consumer Products & Retail Summit, which will provide practical tips to address timely issues facing retailers and consumer facing businesses today.

Richter Advisory Group Inc. will discuss key trends and lessons learned from recent restructurings in the retail sector.

This will be followed by our panels of experts who will discuss the following topics:

  • Real estate issues, including the impact of e-commerce on “bricks and mortar” and leasing strategies;
  • Recent developments in competition law, including compliance policies, the display of prices and current priorities
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Prepare to Launch – Part 1: Insights from Vancouver Start-up Week

Posted in Canadian Market Entry, Corporate Matters, Franchising, Retailing

Readers that are in the early stages of their business or approaching a growth phase may find this post http://www.canadiantechlawblog.com/2015/10/01/prepare-to-launch-part-1-insights-from-vancouver-startup-week/ by Genevieve Pinto and Maureen Gillis sharing insights from our recent Vancouver Start Up Week  Prepare to Launch panel event to be of interest.  Emerging consumer products and retail businesses are at the forefront of innovation, driving technological change and addressing changes in consumer spending habits.  The advice for start ups shared by our panel of experts will be very relevant to emerging and expanding consumer products and retail businesses.

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Holiday Shopping Season – Steps Companies Can Take to Protect Themselves From Data Breaches

Posted in Consumer Protection, Retailing

As the online holiday shopping season kicks off with Cyber Monday, companies must be prepared for the risks posed by hackers. December may be the most hackable month of the year but retailers can incorporate the following practical steps, outlined by Kirsten Thompson from our firm’s Technology blog, to protect themselves from these risks.  You can read the article here.… Continue Reading

Too much of a “Good Thing”? Exclusivity and Enforcement in Licensing Agreements

Posted in Litigation, Retailing

Exclusive product or manufacturing licenses allow retailers to leverage a partnering business’s strengths, such as a strong brand name, loyal customer base, or state-of-the-art operations and supply chain management.  With these benefits, retailers might be tempted to find multiple strategic partners.  As long as each of the partners benefits from their respective exclusive licenses, couldn’t having multiple strategic partners be a good thing?

“Not so fast” according to one trial judge from the New York State Supreme Court.  In a recent case, the court sided with Macy’s Inc. (“Macy’s”) in its lawsuit against J.C. Penney Corporation Inc. (… Continue Reading

When is it Unlawful for a Retailer to Shut Down a Store?

Posted in Employment and HR, Retailing

Many retailers in Canada and across the United States have been following the long-running saga of North America’s first unionized Wal-Mart, which had been located in Jonquière, Quebec.  The store was successfully unionized in 2004, but was permanently shut in 2005 on the very day an arbitrator had been appointed as part of the collective bargaining process.  Since then, former employees and their union have pursued various avenues seeking a legal determination that the closure was a violation of Quebec’s Labour Code or was otherwise unlawful.  After an unsuccessful trip to Canada’s Supreme Court in 2009, in a recent decision, … Continue Reading

More Buzz on Retail Dealmaking

Posted in Retailing, Transactions

Last week (together with my colleague, Lara Nathans) I shared some of the key takeaways from Buying Into Beauty, a fairly recent Mergermarket report, which looks at M&A activity in the beauty and personal care industry. For a related update, but this time with a focus on what’s happening here in Canada in the retail space, check out Hollie Shaw’s article in the National Post, Canada’s retail megamerger boom.

The conclusion put forward in that article – that 2013 has been a big year in Canadian retail – is consistent with the findings in the Mergermarket study … Continue Reading

The Ministry of Labour is Coming for Retailers: 5 Common ESA Violations

Posted in Employment and HR, Retailing

The following Ontario Employer Advisor blog post by Daniel Pugen my be of interest to readers of this blog:

The Ministry of Labour is Coming for Retailers: 5 Common ESA Violations

The Ministry of Labour (MOL) conducts inspections to ensure compliance with the Employment Standards Act, 2000 (ESA). The MOL targets employers in (as they put it) “sectors where there is a history of employment standards violations and where vulnerable workers are employed.” Thankfully, at least the MOL announces the targeted sector so that employers can prepare. This time, the target is the retail industry. Read more.… Continue Reading

Protecting Your Brand in the Internet Age

Posted in Branding, Consumer Protection, Litigation, Product Liability, Retailing

Retailers and manufacturers know that their brand is not only the identity they expressly communicate to their customers, but also what those customers think and say about them. The rise of social media means that what a single individual thinks or says about a retailer can impact its brand in profound ways that were unthinkable before the Internet. A single message – or, sometimes worse, a single photo – can spread across the Internet and expose a retail reputation to real damage in a matter of hours that may take months to fix, if at all.

What does this mean … Continue Reading