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Retailers, It’s Time to Get Your French Touch

Posted in French, Legislation

As recently announced on November 3, 2016 by the Quebec Minister of Culture and Communications and Minister responsible for the Protection and Promotion of the French Language, Mr. Luc Fortin, the amendments to the Regulation respecting the language of commerce and business of the Charter of the French language (the “Regulation”) were published yesterday in the Gazette Officielle du Québec.

Pursuant to these amendments, a trade mark displayed outside a building only in a language other than French will now request a sufficient presence of French. The presence of French refers to a sign or poster with … Continue Reading

When is it Unlawful for a Retailer to Shut Down a Store?

Posted in Employment and HR, Retailing

Many retailers in Canada and across the United States have been following the long-running saga of North America’s first unionized Wal-Mart, which had been located in Jonquière, Quebec.  The store was successfully unionized in 2004, but was permanently shut in 2005 on the very day an arbitrator had been appointed as part of the collective bargaining process.  Since then, former employees and their union have pursued various avenues seeking a legal determination that the closure was a violation of Quebec’s Labour Code or was otherwise unlawful.  After an unsuccessful trip to Canada’s Supreme Court in 2009, in a recent decision, … Continue Reading

Distance Contracts – What You Should Know About Sales Over the Internet in Québec

Posted in Consumer Protection, Corporate Matters

Québec’s Consumer Protection Act deems sales made over the Internet with residents of the province to be subject to Québec law. Such sales are termed “distance contracts” and are subject to the formal and substantive provisions of the Act.

The distance contract provisions under the Act are very similar to provisions that have been adopted under the e-commerce legislation in other provinces, since they are based on the Internet Sales Contract Harmonization Template, but the substantive provisions of Québec law relating to warranties, together with the regulations concerning advertising, impose additional obligation on Internet vendors.… Continue Reading