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Department of Finance Releases Consultation Paper on New Retail Payments Oversight Framework Providing for Functional Regulation of Payment Service Providers

Posted in Retailing

In a consultation paper entitled “A New Retail Payments Oversight Framework” released on July 7, 2017, the Department of Finance proposed a federal oversight framework that would apply to payment service providers such as Fintech entities in the payment space as well as more traditional payment entities such as merchant acquirers. On McCarthy Tétrault’s Cyberlex Blog, Ana Badour and Kirsten Thompson provide an overview of the consultation paper.

Key elements of the framework which may be of interest to readers of the Consumer & Retail Advisor blog include the registration requirement for payment service providers, end-user fund safeguarding Continue Reading

B.C. Even Closer to Enacting Franchise Legislation

Posted in Franchising

British Columbia has no special franchise legislation – franchise relationships are governed by the terms of franchise agreements and the common law of contracts. However, a new report reveals that interested parties are largely in favour of changing this regime through the introduction of franchise legislation. This consensus became clear after a year of consultations and studies by the British Columbia Law Institute (BCLI), which has now recommended the introduction of franchise legislation to the B.C. Legislature.… Continue Reading